Why is it Important to Ensure your Heating System Water is Cleaned?

The central heating system in your home has the important job of keeping you and your family warm and comfortable. Many of us assume it will always be there when we need it, but without regular maintenance and servicing, you may be left without heat and hot water and could face expensive repair bills to get your heating system back up and running.  

There are a number of factors that can cause your central heating system to stop working as it should, perhaps one of the most common reasons is a build up debris such as sludge, scale and rust which can prevent water circulating through your heating system and make your heating system less efficient or in severe cases stop it working completely.  

Over time it is normal for your central heating system to accumulate debris in the radiators, pipes and even in your boiler, but ensuring your heating system water is cleaned can help remove this debris and installing a magnetic system filter such as MagnaClean can reduce further build up.

The Advantages of Cleaning your Central Heating System

There are many benefits of cleaning your central heating system, including:  

●     It improves the efficiency of your central heating system by removing debris that can make it work harder and can help reduce your carbon footprint.  

●     Radiators get to temperature faster when the system is free from debris which can help you save money on your energy bills.  

●     Can remove and prevent debris build-upto reduce the risk of breakdowns or damage to the boiler.

Cleaning your Central Heating System with a Power Flush

A power flush  is a process that uses chemicals to flush out any debris that may have collected in your radiators, pipes and boilers to ensure your central heating system is working as it should do and that it is working efficiently.  

It is imperative that you use a Gas Safe Registered heating and plumbing engineer, such as Tailor-Made Property Services in Romsey, to carry out a power flush to ensure it is done correctly and so that you have the correct documentation and certification for your insurance or warranty.  

It is good practice to perform a power flush on a regular basis to help you maintain and prolong the life of your central heating system and also when you are installing a new boiler into an old heating system.  

If you are unsure whether your central heating system could benefit from a power flush here are some common signs to look for:  

●     Cold spots on radiators or cold rooms

●     Radiators take a long time to get hot

●     You need to bleed radiators more frequently

●     Little or no hot water

●     Centralheating system is making noises

What is a Magnetic System Filter?

A magnetic system filtersuch as MagnaClean is a filter that is permanently fitted on your boilers heating return pipe and uses a powerful magnet to help catch debris and rustparticles as they pass through the system.

A MagnaClean filter protects your boiler to reduce damage to what is often the most expensive part of your central heating system. It also helps prevent the build-up of iron oxide sludge in radiators that can make them run less efficiently.  

The MagnaClean filter helps with the ongoing maintenance of your central heating system to ensure the water is clean and free from rustand debris and is a preventive measure that all homeowners should consider to help them prolong the life of their central heating system,  

For the best results, it’s good practice to have your central heating system power flushed before installing a MagnaClean filter. This helps ensure that any debris build-up has been removed so that the filter can then effectively perform its job of reducing further build-up.  

Benefits of Installing a MagnaClean Filter

There are many homeowner benefits of installing a MagnaClean filter, such as:  

●     Reduced energy bills

●     Protects your central heating system from debris build up

●     Helps to prevent boiler breakdown

●     Reduces carbon emissions as your central heating system will run more efficiently

●     Extends the life of your central heating system

●     The MagnaCleanse filter has no running costs

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