Why are Property Inventory Inspections Important?

If you are a landlord, residential property manager or tenant, having a detailed record of the contents of a property, and the condition it’s in, is essential for a good professional relationship between all parties. A property inventory inspection helps to reduce disputes over the return of the deposit at the end of the tenancy.

What is a property inventory inspection?

A property inventory inspection is a detailed inventory and schedule of condition of every item within the rental property, this includes:


●     Walls

●     Ceilings

●     Fixtures and fittings

●     Paint colours

●     Floor coverings

●     Cupboards

●     Windows

●     Doors

●     Kitchen units and appliances

●     Bathrooms

●     Furniture

●     Gardens

●     Garages, sheds and other out buildings

●     All furnished items


It’s important that a property inventory inspection is detailed and includes the state of the property and condition of the fixtures and fittings and furniture. It should include professional photographs that are digitally date stamped.

When do landlords need a property inventory inspection and why are they important?

The simple answer to this for us is always, whether the property is furnished or not. A detailed property inventory inspection serves to protect both the landlord and tenant. Landlords can be assured that they will be compensated should anything happen and tenants have peace of mind that a schedule of condition is in place and that their deposit won’t be withheld providing everything is in good order at the end of their tenancy.


For landlords, as well as tenants, a property inventory inspection at the start of a tenancy is imperative. Since the introduction of mandatory deposit protection schemes, property inventory inspections are important.


The government-backed tenancy deposit protection (TDP) scheme ensures tenants will get their deposit back if they:


●     Meet the terms of their tenancy agreement

●     Do not cause any damage to the property or remove items from the property


At the end of tenancy, the full or agreed amount of deposit must be returned to the tenant within 10 days of settling on the agreement. If there is a dispute with your tenants, the deposit is protected in the scheme until the issue is settled and an agreement is made. Having a detailed property inventory inspection completed by an independent third party can help resolve disputes quicker.


A start of tenancy check in and inventory schedule of condition provides landlords with evidence of the exact contents and condition of the property and any fixtures, fittings or furniture when the tenant moves in.  


If a landlord finds damage to their property, poor cleanliness, missing items, strong odours or anything that is not how the property was originally rented (aside from fair wear and tear), they will want to seek to claim for damages from the tenants deposit.


A start of tenancy check in and end of tenancy check out documents the condition of the property and gives landlords the security and peace of mind that should anything be damaged or missing, they would be able to claim against the deposit to compensate. Without a detailed property inventory inspection it is difficult for landlords to prove that any damage or missing items was down to the tenant.

Who should perform a property inventory inspection?

It is good practice to have an independent party carry any property inventory inspections, including start of tenancy check in inspections, inventory and schedule of condition reports and end of tenancy check out inspections. This helps to ensure that the property inspection is impartial and is not bias towards either party, landlord or tenant.


Having your property inventory inspections carried out by a professional property services company such as Tailor-Made Property Services ensures that your inspection is carried out fairly and honestly. A third party can review the condition of your property and it’s fixtures and fittings impartially.


As a landlord, should there be an issue with damage to your property or theft by the tenant, having a property inventory inspection completed by an impartial third party will help the report stand up in the event of a dispute.


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