The Importance of Using a Gas Safe Registered Engineer

By law all gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register to be able to safely and legally carry out work on gas appliances, this includes the installation, servicing and repair of gas appliances such as gas cookers, fires and boilers.

But, it should not be assumed that all gas engineers are on the register and you should always check that they are before you go ahead with any work. You can check whether a gas engineer is on the Gas Safety Register on their website and also find registered gas engineers in your local area.

Gas appliances that are installed, repaired or serviced by a qualified and registered gas engineers are perfectly safe, but you could be putting your safety at risk if you use an unqualified and unregistered engineer or attempt to carry out the work yourself.

According to Gas Safe Register,around 1.1 million gas jobs are completed each year by illegal and unqualified fitters. Cutting corners and not checking the credentials of a gas engineer can put you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks, fires or explosions.   

When it comes to gas safety in your home it is imperative that you use a Gas Safe Registered Engineer such as Tailor-Made Property Services.  

Checking if an engineer is on the Gas Safe Register

It is important that you do your homework and checkfor yourself that the gas engineer you have chosen is on the Gas Safe Register. Gas engineers that are registered will carry a Gas Safe ID card, this acts as a way for them to prove they are on the register.  

You should always ask to see an engineers Gas Safe ID card before they begin working on your gas appliances, even if you have checked they are on the register via the Gas Safe Register website. Also, just because a company display the Gas Safe Register logo on their van or website you shouldn’t assume they are actually registered.   

Legal and qualified engineers will be used to being asked to show their card and will willingly supply it for you. If your gas engineer is unable to provide their ID card, it is advisable to delay the start of any work on your gas appliances until they can provide it.

Details to check on the Gas Safe ID card

The Gas Safe ID card has information about the gas engineer that is displayed on the front and the back of the card, it is imperative that you check both sides. 

Details to check on the front of the Gas Safe ID card and the back of the ID card includes:  

●     The photo is of the engineer that has come to your home.

●     The start and expiry dates. Make sure the card hasn’t expired.

●     The licence number which is embossed on the card.

●     The Gas Safe security hologram is present.

●     The engineer is from the business they said they were from.

Details to check on the back of the Gas Safe ID cardincludes:

●     The engineer is qualified to carry out the gas job you’ve employed them to do.

●     Their qualifications are up-to-date.

Gas Safety Week: How Safe is your Area?

Gas Safety Week runs from 17-23 September to raise awareness of the dangers of poorly maintained gas appliances, leading many people to think about the safety of their appliances and those in their local area.  

1 in 7 homes inspected by the Gas Safe Register in the South East of England werefound to have unsafe gas appliances including gas boilers, gas fires and gas cookers, so how safe is your area? 

Visit the Gas Safe Register website to check how safe your area is. Simply enter your postcode and their Gas Map will show you all the unsafe gas appliances that have been found in your area. Check your area now at

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