Benefits of Deep Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Having your carpet cleaned professionally not only breathes new life into it, it also helps extract any harmful bacteria, odours or stains. A professional deep extraction carpet clean ensures the job is done right first time, ultimately extending the life of your carpet. 

Keep It Looking Fresh

Every carpet is different and may require a range of treatments depending on the material. When you use a professional deep cleaning service we know what products to use on your carpet, this avoid any potential damage and ensures even the most stubborn stains are removed.

Health Conditions

Carpet fibres are a haven for mold, fungus, mites and dust. Over time these health hazards can accumulate and aggravate any underlying health conditions. Using a professional carpet cleaning service allows your carpet to be deep cleaned, eliminating any build-up of dust or debris.


Using off the shelf carpet cleaners and elbow grease will only do so much. To really eliminate ingrained odours, it’s worth carrying out a deep clean. Using the right combination of cleaning materials, you can eliminate any lingering smells as well as ensuring your carpet not only smells great but looks great too.

Saves You Time

Having a professional deep clean carried out on your carpet ensures the job is completed to a high standard first time. By using specialist carpet cleaning tools, we can bring a carpet back to its former glory in a fraction of the time it’d take using off the shelf products. Not only that, deep extraction carpet cleaning can extend its life, even in high traffic areas.


If your commercial or domestic carpet needs a deep extraction clean, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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